Gravel & Trucking

Our products will meet and exceed all MMCD specifications for aggregate used in this region.  Our pit run product is a “packing pit run” that will provide superior compaction over other “clean pit run” products for use on any residential or commercial project. Our 20mm road crush product is also a very good packing product, minimizing machine and labour time to place and compact.  The 20mm road crush with asphalt product utilizes an asphalt recycling process to minimize the filling of land fills.  We mix a blend of asphalt & bank pit run into the road crush utilizing a jaw and cone crusher combination.  As for the concrete, it is blended with pit run as well to make a 75mm minus spec concrete pit run.  There is no waste asphalt or concrete from this process, 100% of our asphalt and clean concrete is recycled.  This process also provides for LEED credits if required.

We also have “dry” topsoil available 12 months of the year.  Look in the photos section to see a pic of our topsoil shed.  This building holds 500yds of dry soil available anytime.

Leighton Contracting has five truck and trailers, along with a single axle gravel truck available for delivery of our products or for hire on your project. We also have a single axle vactor truck available for hydro excavating and vactor services.  All of our trucks are in an excellent state of repair, conforming to all Department of Transportation standards.  Our drivers are all very experienced and easy to work with.